Anti-theft locking system headset

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Anti-theft locking system headset


Product specification
Stem length 75m
Suitable handle outer diameter 31.8mm
Material 6061-T6, 3D forging processing
Fork Stem size 1-1/8"
Applicable models: MTB

Product Feature
Anti-theft locking system bike handlebar.
Use the imbedded latch lock's lock the handlebar
To activate the anti-theft function, use the key to rotated counterclockwise to driven the lock, so that the latch is guided into the headset structure of the bike stem, so that the stem is combined with the headset, and the stem cannot be turned.

To disable the anti-theft function, turn the key clockwise to drive the lock, so that the latch is out of the headset structure of the stem, then the handlebar can be turned normally, so the bike can be function.